When Dzentric Co.,Ltd. was founded ?
Since 2012
System developed :
PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System)
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System)
POS (Point of Sale System)
HRM (Human Resource Management)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Accounting & Financial
Member Management System
Warehouse Management System
REMS (Real Estate Management System)
Swimming Pool Menagement System
How much is the system improvement ?
The cost depends on system complexity and the most importance is the clear gathering the demand of the system.
How much is the salary of the system consultant ?
About 20,000-30,000 monthly, the consultant needs to work in the office once a week in order to sum up all the detail and analyze the system problem. Then he has to present analyzed problem and the solution to the executives.
What are the differences between the package software and            the customs software ?
The custom software
Flexible design system as the specific requirement.
There is the study the possibility of the system.
The software genuinely supports the business requirement.
Best choice to widen the network in the future

The package software
Unable to be modified.
Need to change work system to get along with the software
Unable to be modified for widening the network in the future.